My name is Matt Emery, and I’m running for Sheriff.

I am asking for your support and endorsement as I seek to become your next Sheriff of Greenwood County. This website outlines how I intend to lead if elected. I invite you to learn more about my background, my approach to community policing, and how I hope to change Greenwood County for the better.

Matt Emery for Greenwood County Sheriff - 2020

Here’s how I plan to build trust and work to end the rash of violence in Greenwood County:

  • Reinstate the Rural Deputy Program

    This program, first created by the late Sheriff Sam Riley, was designed to provide officers in rural areas and decrease response times in these areas.

  • Strengthen the Community Service Division

    If elected Sheriff, I plan to substantially increase the size and scope of the Community Service Division to encourage officers to get out of their patrol vehicles and get to know the citizens they serve and protect.

  • Build Relationships & Trust

    My team of deputies and I will put forth a concerted effort to build relationships and trust with all citizens of Greenwood County.

  • Reduce Violent Crime

    I will work with relentless dedication to reduce violent crime in our county.

Vote Matt Emery for Greenwood County Sheriff.